As we all know, marquee hire packages are very popular today. More and more people everyday are opting for these packages to make their events even more fun-filled. The numerous benefits that are provided by a marquee hire service have made it the number one choice of people looking for an extraordinary event. In this context, seating arrangements are one of the major aspects that need to be clearly understood before you opt for a package. There are different types of seating arrangements offered by most of the marquee hire companies. Here are some of them: For Big Events: Events that have more than 250 guests need a grand seating plan. The standard packages for such events include seats and tables, cutleries, a chill out area and one or two dance floors or stages. Mostly, the dance floors are set in the middle of the marquee whereas the stages are set near the walls. Tables and chairs can be set up as per your requirements. For Standard Events: Standard events are the ones with 50 to 100 guests. The type of seating plan offered in such a marquee hire package is known as the Bylands plan. This type of plan usually is meant for 50 to 100 people with a single stage and a chill out area. The Elite Plan: The elite plan is also widely known as the fountains layout. This layout can be used for standard events as well as the bigger events. Most of the particulars are kept the same as of the standard layout except for the seating layout. The seats in this plan are usually set up in a theatrical way.

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