Printed Tape

Printed tape is an often overlooked advertising addition, by applying custom printed tape to your packaging it helps to promote your business whilst keeping your most valuable assets safe and secure.

Washi tape is also a popular choice due to the artistic elements that can be produced on the tape.

Printed Tape supplier

We recognised the importance and the opportunity in the printed tape market place so much so we bought a tape manufacturer from a SEO Manchester company in April 2008

What this means to you the customer is that we can provide very competitive prices as well as supplying quality product with short leadtimes

Whether you need to state boxes are FRAGILE or need to keep THIS WAY UP or adhere to internal procedures such as QC HOLD or QC REJECTED – a printed tape has many uses and many advantages.

What is the last thing seen prior to opening a box? The tape wrapped around it, which may have a logo, a telephone number or web address, which may mean your company name being remembered and having another chance to supply?

Another very popular format of tape is DESTINATION tape. This is an excellent way of reducing any chance of delivering a pallet to the wrong address. Simple but effective, your destination is printed along the tape and your pallet wrapped, different colours can be used to different recipients. The pallet is easily recognised and sent on its way.

Like labels we can offer different sizes, different colours and different materials.

This part of our business has really grown over the last year, let us make your life easier?

We like to think of ourselves as packaging experts, we hope our portfolio meets one or some of your requirements?

If there’s something you need which is not highlighted, give us a call it will be good to hear from you and we’ll always do our best to find a solution for you?

We pride ourselves on a “no fuss” work ethic, if we can’t do it, we’ll tell you or point you in another direction. If we are lucky enough to win some business, we’ll confirm your order via email and if anything changes such as leadtime or specification you will be notified immediately and arrangements made.

Please see if we can help you in any way?